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 Good Application

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PostSubject: Good Application   Wed Nov 26, 2008 6:39 pm

Heres an Example of a good application..
no need to brag or anything but this is mine Very Happy

Name: Nick

IGN: (I Just started so i havent made one yet, but if i do get accepted id like it to be [GM]Nick or Just Nick)

Location/TimeZone: I live in Canada,Ontario my time zone is EST thats -5 GMT

Age: 16 (Almost 17)

Hobbies: Paintball, Snowboard, MapleStory Private Servers

Why should i pick you: I'm friendly and helpful. Mostly to all new characters and I really believe that since I go for large parts of my day without any GMs online I can fill in the gap where they are not online and be able to help those new characters and welcome them to the server so that it is less daunting than it seems when you are one of the few people online or just in need of any help. I'd also be able to host events for the people that are online at these times because there are many hours that pass before a GM who does host events comes online which I think is a shame for those players who miss out on the fun and the goodies from an event. I would definetly be dedicated to being a GM and take it seriously. I could accept people disliking me if it is for the good of the server but I'd like to hope that this would rarely happen as the main job of a GM should be helping people and Maple Story is a game so people should be enjoying themselves but I would not quit anything just because a few people don't like what I have to do.

Have you had experience in being gm before: Yes i have past experience in being a GM, ive been a GM on UndieMS and DarkLoveMS
Ive also owned four Private Servers the names of the servers are: ClixMS, SmuckersMS, EtniesMS and InvertMaple (which i am still running)

What can you do to improve the server: A couple ways i can improve the server is to:
1.Host Events ( I have a few good idea's on some events and i can give you details if you request them)
2.Ban Hackers (Ive had this problem in all four of my servers, i don't care for them at all and id rather have the legit players having more fun then the hackers are. So i would ban them ASAP
3.I am very helpful to other players mainly because i know most/all issues or problems they might have because i have have good experience in maple ( I played GMS for 4 years and private servers for the past 6 months)
4.I may also be able to donate to the server so you can buy a dedicated host, (Not 100% sure because i need to pay my Mom $250 and buy a car in the next 3 months. But I will try my best)
5. I can help you with any errors you get in the .bat files and also help you creat NPC's, Shop's and possibly help you (if you need it) with mysql query browser

What times can you be online: I can be on from 3pm - 11pm EST on Weekdays, AND, 10am- 3am (yes A.M. for both) on weekends

Will you give out lvls and items (Best Friends): No I will never give out items/levels to anyone because i don't see the point in the game then, the game is sappose to be a challenge and if people are just giving people items and/or levels then i don't see any challenge in that.

How can i contact you: You may contact me threw email -, P.M. or Cell # (I wont release that on the forum I will give you the # in a P.M. if you wish)

Thank You for taking your time in reading this.
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PostSubject: GM app :D   Fri Nov 28, 2008 2:27 pm

App for GM
Name:Brad Eddy

Either SparQ, or SparQtheGM... what ever you like best.

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. My time zone is AST (atlantic standard time)

14 15 in a couple months Smile PUMPED Very Happy

I race cars, and help my dad at his work. Cleaning his fleet of trucks for his traffic control company. I also hold a job at Wendys' and in my spare time i lovee to play hockey Very Happy.

Why should we pick you:
You should pick me because, I am probably one of the most active gm's out there... since I'm looking for a new server i will probably play even more on this one. Really for me theres no getting around it... I like helping noobs. And i really hate it when someone doesnt know what to do and no one cares! I belive i wqill provide experience and begginers luck to the server. I would be a deticated gm for sure, and if i ever decided to leave maple story ( i will probably play it untill im 40) i would let you know and help you pick a replacment. The replacment would have to live up to my constant events (big fan of jumping events and nx slimes), and overall love for the game. I hate hackers, even if my best freind hacked I'd jail him for 2 hours. If he didnt like me for a week, he'd have to deal with it because the server would be my responsibility. The chance of me getting picked is low but you've made the right choice if you do Smile.

Experience in being gm before:
I am not going to lie to you, I have never been a real gm, only a paypal gm on maple legends ( i was a player favorite Very Happy).

What can you do to improve the server:
- I loooovveee events.
- Ask me for something 6 times out of ten ill give it to you (If youre excuse seems legit enough).
- Bann all hackers and notify people with the 3 strikes policy ( I would apreciate it if you put it in the infromation bar at the top ). 2 warnings, 1 notice threating to stop, 2 jailed for a certain amount of time. 3...Banned sorry guise Sad.
- There is a very high chance of me donating little sums of money to the server per 2 months... I would have to fit it into my budget. (saving for car too Razz)
- I have a gm handbook so there is no command i do not know.. if the players have any problems they can contact me ( i hope im a players favorite Very Happy )
- I dont like f6ing all the time and i will awnser as many trades/ inviites/ whispers that i can at one time.

Time Online Daily:
3:30pm AST - 6:00pm AST then - 8:00pmAST - 11:00pm AST Very Happy

Will you give out lvls and items to friends:
I will give my best freind an item of his choice yes Razz.

How can i contact you:
e-mail me at- OR << not on youngbando near as much but talk to me on both pls.

THANK YOU... i hope you pick me :3
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PostSubject: Gm Application   Sat Nov 29, 2008 10:29 pm


IGN:(I have just started so i dont have one yet but if i get picked i would like it to be [GM]Eclipse or [GM]All3y3sOnM3)

Age:10 (turning 11 in july =])

Location/Timezone:EST and Nyc

When can you be on:Since I have school the time I play on weekdays will be shorten but on weekends probably all day =]

Have you ever been Gm before:I have been gm in iBlueStory,ForbiddenMs,MapleKingdom.

What are your hobbies:I like to play football,private servers,and helping people

What can you do for the server:
1.Host events
2.I can ban hackers(I will use the 3 strike rule 1. warning 2. 2nd warning 3.Ban)
3.Help out anyone that needs it
4.Be active and listen to everones problems and try to fix them

Why do you want to be Gm:I want to be Gm because i believe that I can handle being responsible even though im only 10.I think that helping people shouldnt mean I help you, you help me, just I help you you have fun =].

Would you give items to a friend (best friend):Even if I had known the person my whole life im gonna have to say no.Giving free items is useless because whats the point of making a private server.Private servers are supposed to be challenging because if not soon the server will become bornig and will be deserted.I dont want that to happen

Can you donate:I might be able to donate but i dont know my parents are going through things so im not 100% sure.So i will vote alot instead =]

How can we contact you:You can contact me at =]

Why should we pick you:I think you should pick me because I will be very very very active.Also,I truly enjoy helping people that are new/have questions about a server.It makes me smile to know I just helped someone.

Thank You for reading my Gm Application
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PostSubject: Gm app   Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:14 pm


IGN:(I havent made a guy yet so... anything would be fine)[GM]-Chibi-

Age:14 (turning 15 on nov 2009)

Location/Timezone:EST Ca

When can you be on: i would be on everyay or so.....

Have you ever been Gm before: yeh i been a gm on my friend server...

What are your hobbies: i like to help people,football,golf.

What can you do for the server:
1.Host events
2.I can ban hackers(I will use the 3 strike rule 1. warning 2. 2nd warning 3.Ban)
3.Help out anyone that needs it
4.Be active and listen to everones problems and try to fix them

Why do you want to be Gm: i like maplestory (privet servers) i would ban and destroy hackers... i would do fun stuff and i will help would be rly fun to just do stuff for other people..

Would you give items to a friend (best friend): If they Rlly need it i would and if they just want it i should.

Can you donate: sure but somethimes i might onl donate $10 at a time but i might do it frequently.

how can i contact you: u can contackt my by emailing or aiming (

Why should we pick you: you should pick me cuz i dedecate my life to my games (exspicely to maplestory) And i wate all my time with maplestory..... lol and im rly friendly

Thank you for wasteing some sec on this (llol) and hope u pick me =]
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PostSubject: Re: Good Application   

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Good Application
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