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 Events in InvertMaple

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PostSubject: Events in InvertMaple   Wed Nov 26, 2008 11:46 am

There are many events being held everyday!
Not all events are in the server though, some are banner making and others!
read below for details
some of the events are::

Hide and Seek
This is when who ever wants to participate they go to the Free Market
then everyone waits in the FM, while a GM hides a GM Scroll in one of the FM's (1-22)
Then all the players race to find the GM Scroll
Rewards: Many Scrolls will be given out in this event!

EXP Rush
This is when the GM's change the EXP rate to 100k
And spawn a whole ton of low level monsters!
ie: Snails, Shrooms, Stumps.
Rewards: Levels!

Jump Event
This is when who ever wants to participate get's warped to the Jump Quest area
And the first one who gets to the top wins!
Rewards: GM Scrolls, Items!

NPC Hunt
This is when a GM calls out the name of a NPC in all of MapleStory
And the first one to that NPC wins!
Rewards: GM Scrolls

Zakum Time Trial
This is my favorite event yet!
This is when 3 people from every guild that want's to participate goes up against Zakum
In a race against time each "Guild Party" needs to kill there Zakum before the others!
Rewards: 15 Attack Earrings!

Banner Event
This is were you can create banners, out of any program that you with
ie: Paint, Photoshop
And then you can post them and if I like your banner the best out of everyone elses
Then you will be rewarded
You can post your banners in this tread, or make a new thread
Rewards: GM ACCOUNT!
for 1 hour
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Events in InvertMaple
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