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 GM Application[color=blue][/color]

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Wong Pen

PostSubject: GM Application[color=blue][/color]   Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:29 am

Name: Wong Peng Yu

IGN: (I Just started so i havent made one yet, but if i do get accepted id like it to be [GM]WPY or Just WPY)

Location/TimeZone: I live in Singapore , time is GMT + 8

Age: 11

Hobbies: Play Invert Maple Private Server

Why Should i pick you: Becase im Friendly And Helpful.. im trying to get more even Friendly.. because somtimes i cannot crontrol my anger and anyhow scold people... I alway spend a few of my time to play private server instead of Global Maple Story. If u wanna let me in, i i will sure be VERY VERY VERY VERY happy but not too happy .. coz i have to do abit of work and help the new comers

Have you had experience in being gm before: Nope, but i will try my best

What can you do to improve the server: A couple ways i can improve the server is to:
1.Host Events ( I have a few good idea's on some events and i can give you details if you request them)
2.Ban Hackers (Ive had this problem in all four of my servers, i don't care for them at all and id rather have the legit players having more fun then the hackers are. So i would ban them ASAP
3.I am very helpful to other players mainly because i know most/all issues or problems they might have because i have have good experience in maple ( I played GMS for 4 years and private servers for the past 6 months)
4.I may also be able to donate to the server so you can buy a dedicated host, (Not 100% sure because i need to pay my Mom $250 and buy a car in the next 3 months. But I will try my best)
5. I can help you with any errors you get in the .bat files and also help you creat NPC's, Shop's and possibly help you (if you need it) with mysql query browser

What times can you be online: I can be on every day exept got some problems or whatever ... and not on week ends

Will you give out lvls and items: No I will never give out items/levels to anyone because i don't see the point in the game then, the game is sappose to be a challenge and if people are just giving people items and/or levels then i don't see any challenge in that.

How can i contact you: You may contact me threw email -, P.M. or Call # (I wont release that on the forum I will give you the # in a P.M. if you wish)

Thank You for taking your time in reading this.

Hope you can accept this
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GM Application[color=blue][/color]
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