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 Bleh's GM Application

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PostSubject: Bleh's GM Application   Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:24 am

IGN: Bleh

Location/TimeZone: I live in Virginia Fairfax, Eastern time (US& cananda)

Age: 14 (Turning 15 in Febuary)

Hobbies:MapleStory Private Servers, Soccer, Laccrose, Volleyball, chatting, watching movies, and swimming

Why should i pick you: I'm friendly and helpful. I believe that all GMs should be fair to everyone who is playing the game.I will try my best to keep things equal and fair to everyone who plays. I also will never in my life ever exclude anyone from evnets, maple parties, and all those cool stuffs.I am a very active player. I do not have favorites in the game to keep things unfair. I have experience being a gm in dagon ms, syndey ms, and strawberri ms. I also have all the gm codes and commands. Im not mean to new players like when they ask me a question i wont go like go away u stupid noob. Instead i will help them out even if it is the easiest and the obivious question.I will also try to do everything for the server like banning hackers because i have a talent in cating hackerss:P. And because i will cautiously tell them whats wrong and right in a nice way instead of banning them right right away if they are not hackerss.Razz

Have you had experience in being gm before: As I have said before, i have been a gm in Dagon ms, Syndey ms, and also Strawberri ms. And saddly I have not yet made a private server of my own

What can you do to improve the server: A couple ways i can improve the server is to:

1.Host Events (I will host many events such as... JQs, Hide n seek events, true or false events, fashion or other kinds of contest, Pet park events, Spawning Events, Scavenger hunt events, Tug o War events, and much more that is nessicary.)

2.Ban Hackers (I've had this problem for every server i played which is a total of about 6. But i have became gm thorugh help gms finding hackers and being nice to others and caring for them. And Before banning the hackerss, I will put them in jail and ask the other gms if this is nesiccary and if they say yes then i will bann them instead of doing it right away.)

3.I am very helpful to other players mainly because i know most/all issues or problems they might have because i have have good experience in maple ( I played GMS for 2 years and private servers for the past 3 months. And because i already know all the npcs even if i did start yesterday. I will also try my best to recruit people in to the game and help us become in the 100 section of the game vote thingy.)

4.I may also be able to donate to the server so you can buy a dedicated host, (I'm not 100% sure but if i have the money to spilt up for this game it would be about 50% of money i will donate.)

5. I can help you with any errors you get in the .bat files and also help you create NPC's, Shop's. Because i have done this is my preivous ms. they taught me how to move it around. (But i am not 100& sure)

What times can you be online: I can basically play anytime i want...^^

Will you give out lvls and items (Best Friends): No I will never give out items/levels to anyone because i don't see the point in the game then, Because if u get everything u want u might as well have every become a gm. Unless there is such events. And i also say no again because like i said before i dont have favorites and will treat each other same.
How can i contact you: You may contact me threw email - or If u wish u can add me on msn which is P.M. or Cell # (I wont release that on the forum I will give you the # in a P.M. if you wish)

Thank You for taking your time in reading this. And if not chosen it okay i just wish the gm u choose is wise
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Bleh's GM Application
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